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Embodied  Breath Embodied  Mind


Jan, 25 - 28,  2024

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Pranayama is an intimate process of apprenticing ourselves
to the subtle and responsive intelligence of life.


We invite you to join us for an experiential journey through the rich terrain of pranayama, meditation, restorative asana and a shared inquiry into yoga psychology and philosophy.

This retreat will be physically gentle but internally rich as we embark of an intimate, soul nourishing exploration of the inner dimensions or yoga practice.

Forest Walking

Pranayama refines and expands our capacity for feeling.

Pranayama is an intimate exploration of the subtle energetic dynamics of our inner lives.

We are not simply breathing with Pranayama practice, we are cultivating the exquisite sensitivity to the responsive intelligence of life.

The Embodied Breath, Embodied Mind retreat is an exploration of the

subtle and dynamic relationship between energy and mind. 


Cultivating a relationship with pranayama is cultivating a relationship with the living current of life itself.

It is a profoundly intimate affair. Prana is accessed through feeling and the practice of pranayama expands and refines our capacity for feeling.

National park

Pranayama is a way of opening ourselves and being available for the essential nourishment of life.


The role of intimacy in practice.

This retreat designed specifically to open you to a more intimate relational orientation in your practice.

 and to give you the tools and support you need to expand your understanding of the transformative power of the breath and the intimate interface of breath and mind.

We will balance a clear conceptual understanding of yoga psychology and the more contemporary insights of developmental psychology on the one hand, with the intimate encounters discovered within the rich and subtle terrain of our very own hearts and minds.


You can expect a nourishing and transformative retreat experience

Some themes we will cover

  • The 5 pillars of grounding

  • Prana as nourishment

  • Safety and belonging

  • The role of gravity in breathing.

  • Yoga psychology

  • Developmental psychology

  • Trauma and the breath

  • Befriending and refining feeling

  • Boundaries, containment and openness 

  • Trusting the natural intelligence of life

Spiritual Meditation
Yoga with Props


06.45 am   Meditation and Pranayama

07.30 am   Asana & Embodied Movement

09.00 am   Breakfast

10.30 am   Dharma Talk, Inquiry and Meditation

12.00 pm   Break

03.30 pm   Restoratives, Yoga Nidra and Pranayama

05.30 pm   Meditation

06.00 pm   Finish

You can expect this retreat to be physically gentle but internally rich as we embark of an

intimate and soul nourishing exploration together.



Jan 25 - 28, 2024

Simple private rooms

3 nights accommodation

All meals

All sessions


$975 full
$850 conc


  • To secure a spot, a deposit of $500 is required.

  • Full payment due by Dec 1, 2023.


If you have to cancel your booking, please inform us as soon as possible.

  • Payment refundable in full (minus admin costs) before Dec 1, 2023.

  • For last minute cancellations (after Jan 1, 2024), we can only refund your payment, if your spot is filled.

About Paul Wooden

Booking & Cancellation Policy

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Paul has been practicing and studying yoga and meditation for 40 years and teaching for 35 years.

He draws from his experience in many different styles and traditions and, through a practical understanding of their underlying unifying principles, weaves together a cohesive and integrated approach to yoga.


Paul is a unique voice in the world of yoga. He has a way of bringing the sometimes abstract teaching of yoga into ordinary language making them accessible and workable in our lives.

For Paul, yoga is first and foremost a relational process, with technique being a way to serve a deepening and more intimate relationship with ongoing moment to moment reality of our lives.


Working with Paul is an invitation to the deeper dimensions of practice. His particular way of working opens us to the sensitivity and receptivity necessary for the subtler inner practices. He has been running retreats for over 2 decades and finds them fertile ground for real transformation.


He continues to study the inexhaustible richness of the wisdom traditions and complements these studies with a more contemporary understanding of the human condition, including developmental psychology, integral theory and trauma work (somatic experiencing) which seeks to help uncover and release the binding patterns of trauma in the body.


There is something so precious about being with a teacher who understands
our human predicament and can explain ways we can live more fully, love more deeply,
be more present and accept the richness of all that is. 

GINNY CLARKE, Living Peace Yoga, Australia

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