June 11, 2022 Gertrude Street

This Embodied Breath workshop is as much about cultivating an intimate sensitivity to feeling as it is about the breath.

It is designed specifically to open you to a more intimate relational orientation in your practice and to give you the tools and support you need to expand your understanding of the transformative power of the breath.


We are not simply breathing with pranayama practice, we are cultivating an exquisite sensitivity to the rich and subtle intelligence of life.


Pranayama is a profoundly intimate affair that helps refine our capacity to skillfully traverse the subtle terrain of the deeper dimensions of yoga. It is an intimate invitation to a direct encounter with the nourishing intelligence of your own embodied life.

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June 11, 2022

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Opening the natural self-organising dynamics of energy in asana practice 

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Entering the rich and subtle terrain of pranayama
(includes Dharma talk) 

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Some of the themes we will cover are:

  • Prana as essential nourishment

  • Aligning with the natural self-organising dynamics of the body

  • The role of gravity in breathing

  • Cultivating responsiveness in practice

  • Befriending and refining feeling

  • Understanding the interplay of Energy and Mind

  • Trusting the natural intelligence of life

Level1, 202 Gertrude Street,
Fitzroy VIC 
03 8375 9731


Full :  $125

Concession:  $100

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Paul has been practicing and studying yoga and meditation for 40 years and teaching for 35 years.

He draws from his experience in many different styles and traditions and, through a practical understanding of their underlying unifying principles, weaves together a cohesive and integrated approach to yoga.


Paul is a unique voice in the world of yoga. He has a way of bringing the sometimes abstract teaching of yoga into ordinary language making them accessible and workable in our lives.


Working with Paul is an invitation to the deeper dimensions of practice. His particular way of working opens us to the sensitivity and receptivity necessary for the subtler inner practices.

He founded the Gertrude Street Yoga Studio in Fitzroy in 1997 before moving to the Philippines in 2015 to open Wild Dharma Eco retreat, a sublime ecological sanctuary for deeper dives into the study and practice of the sacred arts.

He continues to study the inexhaustible richness of the wisdom traditions and complements these studies with a more contemporary understanding of the human condition, including developmental psychology, integral theory and trauma work (somatic experiencing) which seeks to help uncover and release the binding patterns of trauma in the body.