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Soulful Escapes


These customised group getaways offer you everything you need for rejuvenating, transformative and deeply rewarding

adventure into healing and exotic lands.


These are not yoga retreats but soulful travel adventures.



Bali Heart and Soul retreats are more than just a holiday.

It is an invitation into the living heart of Bali.

We won't rush you from one tourist spot to the next.

We want to immerse you in the unique and enchanting atmosphere of Balinese culture and to also revitalise your body mind and soul with our inspired and customised journeys into Balinese healing culture.

We want you to touch and be touched by the exquisite beauty of Bali.



A integrated and unified team can help build and maintain high performances.

Team building and team skills training are an important part of a healthy team eco system.

We offer customised company retreats i Bali and Palawan with a focus on building a healthy and sustainable team ecology. 

The amount of performance improvement that is possible from turned on teams is not small – it is enormous."       Tom Peters

Talk to us to see about your needs.

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Wild Dharma Eco Retreat is an exquisite ecological oasis situated on the beautiful,

wild west cost of Palawan in the Philippines.


Nestled amidst a vast expanse of pristine rainforest, our completely private

and secluded beach truly is a sanctuary for the soul.

A perfect venue for an exclusive get away in nature for your group of friends or company.

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