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Strong body. 
Open heart.
Clear mind.


Paul Wooden 


Embodied Breath


Gain deeper clarity, confidence and inspiration by learning to feel your way

into the rich and subtle terrain of Pranayama.

Yoga is an intimate process of apprenticing ourselves to

the subtle and responsive intelligence of life.

It is a process of becoming willing participants in

the ongoing unfolding revelation of our lives.


The heart of our work at Yoga Dharma Life is to open ourselves towards a deeper relationship

with the essential ground and innate intelligence of our lives.

What moves us towards this kind of work is a deep desire to know the truth of our lives,

a deep desire to fully engage, open and inhabit our lives, a deep desire to touch

and be touched by life with intelligence, with care, and with passion.


Mastery of yoga does not necessarily mean mastering more difficult postures;

it is more intelligently assessed by how it is helping you live with more wisdom and heart.

This work gently and persistently invites a full and fearless participation with the living moment.

It opens a deeper intimacy with ourselves, with others with life itself.


Elements of Practice

Yoga for us is relationship.

All methods and techniques are in service of our essential moment to moment relationship with reality.....


Yoga with Paul

Find out what is coming up on

Paul's schedule.

Retreats, trainings and workshops.

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Wild Dharma Eco Retreat

Wild Dharma Eco Retreat is an ecological sanctuary set on the

wild west coast of Palawan.

A sublime natural oasis for practice.

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Supporting you in finding, clarity, inspiration and confidence in the subtle processes of a grounded spiritual life.

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love."
~ Rumi

The opportunity to attend one of Paul’s retreats is an opportunity for me to deepen my practice and embody the ancient teachings of Yoga. Paul’s amazing wisdom and depth of knowledge allows me to release into his care

and let go of all pretensions and expectations. Paul has a wonderful way of making each student feel special and valued and allows them to ‘start where they are at’.


He uses plain language and his talks on some of the more philosophical aspects of Yoga are easy to understand

and he encourages open discussion and questions. As a Yoga Teacher myself, attending Paul’s retreats are part of

my ongoing personal development and teacher training as I find I learn so much from him and my fellow retreat participants. I give Paul’s retreats my highest recommendation.

GINA McCAULAY, Yogahara, Australia

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