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Australia Tour 2020

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When presence opens in us, it brings a buoyancy, an aliveness, It brings an intimate and self revealing intelligence.

It brings grace.

A moment of grace is a moment of real participation with life.

Yoga is revealed in the intimate interplay between presence and life. It is a process of opening our presence to the intimate and responsive fields of our experience. The techniques we practice, whether it be asana, pranayama or meditation are all invitations for an intimate inquiry into the increasingly subtle fields of Body, Heart and Mind and Beyond.


A sincere yoga practice helps facilitate a genuine relational participation with reality. This moment to moment participation is at the heart of the process of yoga and where we find our home in the simple and radiant elegance of an awakened life.


SATURDAY 9.00am - 12.00pm

Establishing our ground - inhabiting the body


SATURDAY 1.30pm - 4.00pm

Opening the subtle fields of experience


SUNDAY 9.00am - 12.00pm

Committing to freedom - unwavering clarity


SUNDAY 1.30pm - 4.00pm


2/20 The Boulevarde, Toronto NSW

Contact Ginny

Living Peace Yoga



FEB 23rd


This workshop will explore how we integrate the spontaneous interplay of form, feeling and freedom. through the time tested arts of asana, pranayama, mantra & meditation.

Yoga offers very clear ways to open us to the innate wisdom of our deepest nature. It offers ways to integrate the sometimes fragmented impulses in our lives into a cohesive wholeness. As practice develops, it is the innate potency of this cohesive wholeness itself that becomes the guiding intelligence of practice.

Some of the themes we will explore



  • Inhabiting the body with asana

  • Befriending resistance and honouring boundaries

  • Staying awake at the frontier of experience

  • Unwavering clarity

  • Trusting change

SUNDAY, February 23rd
9.30am - 12noon
1.30pm - 4pm


1A King Street Bendigo.

Contact Gina

YogaHara Studio



FEB 29th & MARCH 1st


This workshop will be an intimate inquiry into integrating three essential elements in practice…form, feeling and freedom.

Each day we explore more ways to unravel, to unwind and gradually let go of the habitual confines of our coping strategies.

Each day we will cultivate space in us to trust life more and allow the natural dynamics of life to move freely through the body, heart and mind.


Opening and integrating the rich terrain of experience available in our body, heart and mind is the aim of yoga.


If we want change in our lives, we need to encourage an openness, a sensitivity and a malleability in the areas of our lives we habitually fixate.

This is especially important in yoga practice because if we are practicing well, we are constantly taking ourselves to the edges of what we know of ourselves. 

We are learning to live at the frontier of our lives and be wholeheartedly available for the astonishing beauty and grace of life.

SUNDAY afternoon, Feb 29th 



maintaining an allegiance to life in difficult times


Compassion is a sign of your connection. The last afternoon of my time with you will be focused on understanding our place in a rapidly changing world. How do we maintain a deeply human and effective response to the suffering of the world without being overwhelmed. It requires action there is no doubt, but skilful action. It requires a mature human response.

Dharma Circle

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