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Intimate Encounters with Nature

Wild Dharma is a stunning ecological oasis located 45 minutes by boat from Port Barton on the beautiful and wild west coast of Palawan, the last frontier of the Philippines. 

Here you are not merely surrounded by nature, you are immersed in it.   

Awaken each morning serenaded by the myriad sounds of the rainforest;  

step outside and walk in barefoot innocence on our pristine white sand beach. 

Each sound, smell, and sight offers ways for us to touch and be touched

by stunning natural beauty of Palawan.

On this pristine piece of paradise Paul is creating his years-long vision of a yoga retreat centre.  

Wild Dharma will be the first purpose-built yoga and meditation retreat centre in the Philippines. 

Paul aims to make Wild Dharma the go-to retreat venue for deeper trainings in all fields of yoga, meditation and personal and social development.​


Intimate encounters with nature is the spirit of Wild Dharma. 

These intimate encounters with nature open in us something fundamental

and essential for the soul,  a rare and clarifying nourishment.


Wild Dharma is more than just a stunning eco destination.  

It is an invitation to come home to what is essential to the human experience;  

to drop the filters and rest uncontrived in the simple elegance of life.

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