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Monk Overlooking at a Temple

Myanmar Tour 2025

Myanmar Retreat
12 days into the mystery

January 7 - 19, 2025

Myanmar (Burma) is a unique deeply buddhist country

Buddhist Monks with Umbrellas


Join us in the tranquil beauty of Bali for an experiential journey through the rich terrain of pranayama, meditation, asana and a shared inquiry into philosophy and life.

When presence meets the living contours of experience the body responds.

But it is the way we offer our presence that determines how it responds.


 Learning to inhabit our bodies takes time and patience. It takes a particular kind of listening.


Being available for the body in this way has the potential to reveal a tremendous amount about

how we relate to ourselves and the world.


It is by far the most powerful and important quality we can bring to any relationship,

and it is essential for us to be able to embody the teachings of the wisdom traditions.

Buddhist Monk Lighting Candles
Monks on a Canoe

The study and practice of pranayama points us towards a process orientated relationship with life.


Cultivating a relationship with pranayama is cultivating a relationship with the living current of life itself.

It is a profoundly intimate affair.


Prana is accessed through feeling and the practice of pranayama expands our capacity for feeling.

Through the intelligent practice of pranayama we cultivate a whole new realm of sensitivity, perception and subtleties of feeling. 

There is, of course, technique but it is the responsiveness of feeling that is the guiding intelligence in the practice of pranayama.

It is a deep and felt listening.

Pranayam, as with all yoga, is not a technique we do to ourselves, it is not a method of controlling the breath; it is an intimate relational invitation.

Traditional Myanmar Food

Pranayama is a way of opening to and inhabiting the nourishing

intelligence of life.

A retreat in Bali is a great time to take stock and make space for something new and fresh to open in us.

There will be plenty of time iin the program to explore local Balinese life, to walk through the rice files, to have a massage, to rest by the pool and to discover some of the  many excellent restaurants in Ubud.


before May 1st


after May 1st

7 nights accommodation

including breakfast

all yoga sessions

complimentary massage

airport pick up

cultural excursions and events


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