"Be strong then

And enter into

your own body;

There you have a solid

place for your feet

Don't go off elsewhere

Throw away all thoughts

of imaginary things

And stand firm

in that which you are"


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Bendigo Retreat
Form, Feeling & Freedom
Feb 28 – March 2, 2014
A 3 day residential retreat held at the Atisha Centre near Bendigo


This workshop will be an intimate inquiry into integrating three essential elements in practice…form, feeling and freedom. 

Every moment is already an expression of these elements.

Practice, not as a means to achieve something but as a way of participating wholeheartedly in the living moment.

By feeling into and opening body, heart and mind to the living grace of the moment.

This is really an inquiry into the relationship between duality and non-duality.



An asana should be a fully embodied and heartfelt expression of freedom

It is the relationship with the immediate felt reality of our lives.